How to Benefit from Holding Cryptocurrencies

Let’s talk today about some tricks of how to benefit from the cryptocurrencies in our pocket. Talking about cryptoworlds we usually mean Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and all these brand-new hype-style words. And of course, huge yields that proved Bitcoin as one of the greatest modern fortune-maker (just read the stories of the guys who invested in Bitcoin in the very beginning). But still, blockchain technology is not only about speculating these strangely-named cryptocurrencies. Usually, cryptocurrencies are issued to deal with some real issues, for example, Ethereum Classic is used for development of smart contracts, Ripple works with banks to transform how they send money all over the world, IOTA helps Internet-of-Things companies explore new B2B models, etc. Well, some cryptocurrencies are not created to work in such serious spheres, but still, make an impact on real life. So, here’s the list of cryptocurrencies with, to say “unusual” mission.
If you are a regular guest in Las Vegas you will like this one. If you buy some of the LGD coins, you will get a 20% discount on drinks and services except gaming in a Legends Room club. Owners of 5000 LGD get a lifetime VIP membership with 50% discounts. The total number of coins is limited to 30,000,000 and they are released on a set schedule which is described on the club’s website.
You might be surprised that Potcoin, which purpose is to “economize the cannabis industry” and to promote “PotCoin as a digital currency is an alternative payment network for cannabis users” (as they on their website mentioned), has a market cap of more than USD 4 mln. Now, these guys don’t seem to be that funny as at the beginning (I would like to see the process how they came up with this idea, that actually probably WAS a great fun). They have been already developing their coin for 3 years and now are working on market strategies and promoting Potcoin as the main transaction method for cannabis consumers. Even more, they started to build up the legal cannabis consumers around themselves.
Skincoin is a relatively new coin that had ICO in the middle of summer 2017. It became popular with video games geeks straightaway. The reason for it is the introduction of weapon skins and other skins in video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. This coin is created to buy, sell and exchange skins in games. You might be surprised: who can buy such a needless thing, I wouldn’t pay a dollar for that. But as for now, daily transactions only in CS: GO amount millions of dollars, the most expensive items may reach USD 100 000 in their price. Considering all of the above, Creation of the coin related to skin world was only a question of time.
Sexcoin is, as the creators claim, “the first industry-specific cryptocurrency targeting the Adult Entertainment Industry”. The adult industry has struggled with the traditional payment methods having troubles with the huge amount of issues with different types of fraud. The team that launched the coin states that this cryptocurrency is not created for speculation – a lot of coins are still to be mined to provide the sufficient supply and stable price over the years. Contrarywise, it is seen as a safe and private payment method and the transactions are ten times faster than Bitcoin ones. And this all is for people to be able to purchase adult products.
Well, there are a lot of coins that can be as bizarre as these (like dedicated to memes or country leaders) but they don’t have any real functions. In a future number of such coins will only increase and you will be able to buy more things with special coins. But for now, you can use these. 🙂
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